Male Breast/Chest Liposuction


Afraid to take your shirt off?


Gynecomastia - or excess fat across the chest area - is a common condition in many men. Also known as male breasts or "man boobs," gynecomastia can make everyday social situations awkward, from going to the gym to finding shirts that fit. Yes, male breasts can be embarrassing, but Tumescent Liposuction, also known as Liposculpture, can help you regain your confidence and enhance your masculine build.


The Liposculpture procedure at Houston Smart Lipo Centers is easier and safer than traditional liposuction. First, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. Then, a laser is used to gently melt the fat directly under the skin and to encourage skin-tightening. One or two small incisions are then placed on each side of the chest to begin the suctioning process. The cannula used to remove the fat is only about 3mm wide - slow, gentle movements mean less pain, less bruising, and a rapid recovery time for patients.

  • This permanent procedure produces noticeable results, leaving you with a more sculpted, well-defined manly physique.
  • Usually lasting only an hour, our male chest Liposculpture procedure reduces fat and tightens skin leaving a more defined, masculine physique.
  • This tumescent liposuction procedure is performed with only light sedation, and most patients are back at work in one to two days.


Male Breast Liposuction Before and After Photos

Male Breast Before & After



Male Breast Before & After



Male Breast Before & After

Sample photos of liposculpture performed by

Dr. Bergeron and his team. Your results may vary.




Why choose male breast reduction?


Male breast reduction boosts confidence, promotes a more masculine physique, and makes buying well-fitting clothes easier. And now with the Tumescent Liposuction procedure at Houston Smart Lipo Centers, recovery times are quick, and there is less post-op bruising and pain.



What is the procedure like?


Liposculpture is performed in our offices under local anesthesia - all patients remain awake and alert during the entire procedure. First, the skin is numbed and one or two small incisions are placed on either side of the chest. Using gentle suction, excess fat is removed using a gently vibrating cannula, or straw like instrument. The cannula itself is 3mm - about the size of an a cooked spagetti noodle - and leaves no unsightly scars. The procedure lasts for about an hour, and patients walk out of the office with their new, sculpted physiques.



Am I a good candidate for male breast reduction?


Liposculpture male breast reduction is generally recommended for patients with full or fatty chests without hard glandular tissue. Anyone who is very thin but still shows the outward appearance of male breasts may not be a good candidate. These patients may have excess glandular tissue, or "true" gynecomastia, and will not benefit from liposculpture. These patients may need a surgical procedure to directed remove the glandular tissue. This procedure is called a "Direct Excision". Only a physical exam by the doctor can determine if the breast contains excess glandular tissue.



Will I have any scars or sagging skin?


The male breast reduction procedure leaves only one or two small puncture sites on each side of the chest, each only about 2mm wide. Scarring does not usually occur, however, any resulting scars will normally fade into the natural color of the skin. Hairy-chested men will not notice any scars.
Men under the age of 60 with good skin tone will not notice any sagging skin - the Tumescent Liposuction procedure at Houston Smartlipo Centers is specifically designed to promote skin-tightening effects as the fat is removed. Older men or men who have lost a considerable amount of weight may still experience sagging or lax skin.



Will this procedure change my nipples?


No, this procedure will not change the size, color, or placement of your nipples.



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