I've had two different doctors do liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. While the size of my waist decreased with both doctors left me with an uneven or lumpy appearance in my abdomen. It was awful looking and I was embarrassed to take my shirt off. I met with Dr. Bergeron and after surgery I was amazed at the results. He was able to do what the two other doctors could not. He got rid of the uneven appearance in my abdomen and the down time after surgery was nothing. I went back to work the next day.


Thanks Dr. B!



Houston ,TX



After disliking my lower body due to having four children I decided to have SmartLipo. I went to Dr. Bergeron for a consultation and decided SmartLipo was for me! I am now one-month post op and loving the results. My clothes fit perfectly and everyone notices.


I was nervous about the procedure but Dr. Bergeron's staff assured me there would be little discomfort. They were right! I was up and about the next day and felt fine.


Thank you Dr. Bergeron and your fantastic team. I love my new body!






While searching the internet for "Fat Farms", I came across Dr. B's website. I made an appointment and was sold. I have never heard of Smart Lipo. From the first step into the clinic, I knew I was in a very professional place with a staff that cared. I went home and told my fiancé that I wanted to have the Smart Lipo preformed. I knew I could count on his support, but needed to hear the words.

All in all, I would do it over in a heartbeat. I would recommend it to anyone of good physical condition. I have recommended Dr. B and his staff to a few close friends and business acquaintances. The before and after pictures (the hardest part of the entire process) show the fantastic results. I only lost a pound or two, but the procedure reduced my body shape by two sizes. My waist is now a waist, and I wear sleeveless shirts with old jeans I found in the back of my closet. My husband said the best part was the change in my attitude, my added confidence and the increase in my activity level. I have gone back to the gym and we ride bikes as often as we can. I wanted a "jump start" to get back to exercising, and Dr. B and his staff delivered.