Today's Liposuction is truly easy, safe, and more beautiful than ever

Liposuction is easy - Today's liposuction removes as much fat as traditional liposuction without the "major surgery" or prolonged recovery. With Today's in-office liposuction in Houston, Texas patients remain awake and walk-in and walk-out. Most patients return to normal activity in 1-2 days.

Liposuction is safe - Today's liposuction is done using only local anesthetic. This eliminates the risk of general anesthesia, which is associated with most serious liposuction complications. Today's Tumescent Liposuction technique also minimizes bruising and bleeding.

Liposuction is more beautiful than ever - With the use of "Smart Lipo" lasers and smaller liposuction cannulas, Today's liposuction allows for more precise contouring and promotes skin tightening. Smaller instruments mean smaller incisions. Today's "micro" technique does not require sutures and leaves no unsightly scars.

Why Choose Houston Smart Lipo Centers?Smart Liposuction

Lipo is all we do - Liposuction is the only cosmetic surgery procedure that we perform. Dr. Bergeron and his team perform up to 40 liposuction cases per month. Having the entire staff of Houston Smart Lipo Centers, both medical and administrative, focused on only one surgical procedure helps to insure that our patients have the best possible experience and outcome.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness - Our facility in Houston Texas has two dedicated surgery suites with infection control standards usually only found in hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers.

Failure is not an option - Our liposuction center has policies and procedures specifically designed to deal with power and/or equipment failure. Our liposuction surgery suites are equipped with back-up generators in case of a power outage. We also have duplicate equipment including 2 Smart Lipo lasers, 2 Microaire PAL's, and 3 aspirators.




Liposuction before and after photos

Sample photos of liposculpture performed by Dr. Bergeron and his team. Your results may vary.